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The Index Fungorum, the global fungal nomenclator coordinated and supported by the Index Fungorum Partnership, contains names of fungi (including yeasts, lichens, chromistan fungal analogues, protozoan fungal analogues and fossil forms) at all ranks. As a result of changes to the ICN (previously ICBN) relating to registration of names and following the lead taken by MycoBank, Index Fungorum now provides a mechanism to register names of new taxa, new names, new combinations and new typifications — no login is required. Names registered at Index Fungorum can be published immediately through the Index Fungorum e-Publication facility — an authorized login is required for this. Species Fungorum is currently an RBG Kew coordinated initiative to compile a global checklist of the fungi. You may search systematically defined and taxonomically complete datasets - global species databases - or the entire Species Fungorum. Species Fungorum contributes the fungal component to the Species 2000 project and, in partnership with ITIS, to the Catalogue of Life (currently used in the GBIF and EoL portal); for more information regarding these global initiative visit their websites. Please contact Paul Kirk if you you would like to contribute to Species Fungorum.

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